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Serial Switch SMTP
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Virtual COM UDP

COM Inspector
SMTP test Tool
UDP Test Tool
TCP Test Tool

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Who are we? 

Who are our customers?

SimpleComTools is a group of networking professionals who thought it was time for someone to put together a site for real-world communications tools that are all unique, easy-to-use, and affordable.

Our patent-pending software and hardware products combine elements of serial data, digital and analog inputs, TCP, UDP, FTP, SNMP, SMS, Email and Instant Messaging - in ways that you may probably have never seen before.  

If you ever needed a simple tool to test for network connectivity, or pass data through a firewall, or thought it impossible to get an Email, SMS message, or Instant Message when an event happens - then take a look around. We think you'll like what you see. 

We make the tools that you need.

Our  customers are part of the new wave of telecom, networking, and software engineers who need tools that deal with both serial and IP communications.

They work for utilities, governments, public safety agencies, security firms, banks, telecom carriers, transportation companies, vending services, etc. They are the in-house 'go-to' people who are always tasked with 'making things work'. 

They are no-bull, serious IT professionals who sometimes need simple tools to help them pull things together. They won't buy things that are proprietary. They want to use their current Email, IM, and other apps already installed. They hate hype and applaud simplicity. 

They're why we started this company.

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