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with PROX Card Reader Support

COM1000 with WIEGAND Support

The use of modern access control systems in government and private buildings has become commonplace. These systems enable you to control access to one or more doors or locations via a networked system of swipe or magnetic card readers. Doors can be controlled from a local or remote location through the use of sophisticated communications networks and database servers.

Most of us having some level of experience using these ‘key-card’ systems, either as an employee or as an escorted visitor. However, even though the technology has become proven and reliable, it has yet to be exploited beyond the bounds of building security.

In an effort to meet the challenge of physical access control for remote utility sites and vehicles, many customers look to exploit the same access control technology used at their company facilities. However, balancing access control with cost and convenience is a challenge. In an effort to meet these challenges, Simple Com Tools has worked to make the use of access control systems for these remote and mobile applications a reality.

Card readers are typically used on exterior doors and allow entry to a facility or area swiping a magnetic pass or small key fob over a magnetic card reader, and an electric strike or magnetic lock opens. The verification of the card ID takes place either locally at the door (using an intelligent panel) or remotely via a database belonging to a PC based access control system.

In the case of the COM1000, it is possible to perform both of these functions, as well as additional applications.
Here are some examples:

  • Local Access
Using a locally hosted access list inside the COM1000 (of up to 100 unique card IDs), the COM1000
can read the card reader data, compare it to the local list, and then activate an external door lock or relay.

  • Remote Access
The COM1000 can transport the card data to a report server via any LAN or WAN IP network
using either UDP or TCP.

  • Remote Control/Override
The COM1000 allows for remote triggering of the relay via browser interface and/or command line interface.

  • Exception Reporting
The COM1000 can send customized notifications based upon an unsuccessful match.

  • Data Logging
The COM1000 can date and time stamp each card read regardless of authentication, and save the reads
to a retrievable event log.

  • Data Reporting
The COM1000 can send the card reader event log to any user or remote server via either SMTP or FTP.

  • Easy Local or Remote Programming/Updates
Card access lists can be created by simply swiping the card pass or key fob, and accepting the entry.
Access lists can be stored as part of a COM1000 configuration template, and used to program other units.
Changes to the access list can be done remotely over any IP connection using COM1000 Configuration Utility
or command line interface.

Card Reader Protocol Support
The COM1000 currently supports readers using the WIEGAND 26 protocol. The WIEGAND 26 message is a 26-bit message, including a 10-bit Facility ID and a 16-bit Card ID. We currently do not support the facility ID portion of the message, only the 16-bit Card ID. That means that each COM1000 Card ID entry is entered as a 16-bit number, and therefore ranges from 0 through 65535.

Supported Readers
The following are some examples of readers currently supported in this solution.
If you have an interest in another reader, please consult with us at

ProxPoint Plus
ProxPoint Plus with Wiegand Output

Base Part No: 6005

ProxPoint Plus Reader   Proximity Card  Proximity Key Fob

MiniProx with Wiegand Output

Base Part No: 5365

MiniProx Reader   Proximity Card  Proximity Key Fob

ThinLine II
ThinLine II Proximity Reader with Wiegand Output

Base Part No: 5395

ThinLine II Reader   Proximity Card  Proximity Key Fob

ProxPro Proximity Reader with Wiegand Output

Base Part No: 5355

ProxPro Reader   Proximity Card  Proximity Key Fob

Classic Swipe Reader
Classic Swipe Reader with Wiegand Output

Base Part No: 310

Classic Swipe Reader

For more info on the COM1000 with WIEGAND support, read the application note.

Click here to find out how to buy a COM1000 with WIEGAND support.

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