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OPC Support Now Available for XML1000

COM1000 Now Supports Access Card Readers

MOTIENT and SCT Partner to Enable M2M Solutions

FREE Test Tools available online


Simple Com Tools customer nominated for the M2M 2006 Value Chain Award.
Northeast Utilities was nominated for a 2006 M2M Value Chain Award. This nomination makes it two years running that an SCT products have been an enabler for an M2M Value Chain Award.

Read more about the 2006 M2M Value Chain Award Nominees

M2M United

Simple Com Tools will be exhibiting at M2M United in San Antonio, TX from June 26-28. M2M United is an educational and networking event featuring technology track sessions and demonstrations of industry solutions specific to M2M. If you are in the business of Machine-to-Machine in any way, M2M United is a must-attend event.
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Simple Com Tools and DCS Partner to Offer Compelling AVL Solutions
DCS’ Diplomat products are integrated hardware and software platforms delivering a low-maintenance, remarkably easy-to-use service.
DCS Diplomat

By integrating SCT products into their vehicle location service offerings, DCS can now extend their platform to provide even more compelling solutions.

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Case Studies

CR Solutions Logo

When CR Solutions needed a system that would allow them to manage the ISO-New England's Real Time Demand Response program, they turned to the COM1000. to help make their application a reality.

Electric Meter Demand Response Programs are where local utilities and their enrolled customers can be called upon to reduce their electricity consumption in response to either system reliability problems or high wholesale market prices. Such response help to manage electric power grid reliability and prevent blackouts.

Today, CRS has enabled or provides management services for over 250 MW of demand response capability at over 300 commercial, industrial and institutional customer facilities in the six state New England region. The COM1000 has played a vital part in their automation solution, and will continue to do so now and well into the future.

For the full case study click here.

For more information on how the COM1000 can help with you electric utility project, click here.

Partner Focus

Quality Communications

Quality Communications is a full service radio and wireless data system provider throughout NJ. A full staff of design engineers, sales professionals and technicians are on staff to provide a complete wireless system solution. They are authorized manufacturers representative for many products under NJ State Contract.

Quality Communications also offers vehicle tracking solutions tailored to meet the needs of both small fleets with basic tracking needs to fleets with thousands of vehicles and integrated mobile computing systems.

Regardless of the system size, Quality Communications has the experience to provide a superior solution including full installation, training and support. Click here for an overview of AVL System solutions.

For more information on Quality Communications, visit them on the web at

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May 2006
Product News
OPC Support Now Available for XML1000
OmniServer from Software Toolbox is First OPC Server to Support the XML1000

The XML1000 Serial I/O Server is the newest member of the Simple Com Tools M2M hardware family. A serial based I/O server, the XML1000 is a hardware appliance that provides data collection control using XML as the native communications protocol. With 20 points of I/O available in (6) different configurations, the XML1000 is flexible enough to fit into any number of SCADA, Telemetry or M2M projects. Packaged in a rugged, compact enclosure of 18 GA cold-rolled steel, the XML1000 is also ready for use in some of the most challenging environments. The XML1000 provides you with unmatched communications versatility. Connect it to any PC, corporate LAN, or wireless data modem, and you can begin gathering data in minutes.
XML1000 - Serial I/O Server
OPC FoundationSupport for OPC
OPC is a set of standards designed to simplify and standardize the communication of industrial process data. With support from Software Toolbox and OmniServer, the XML1000 is now capabale of being utilized with dozens of various HMI solutions in hundreds of SCADA and Telemetry applications.

Since 1996, Software Toolbox has served over 7,000 clients in 67+ countries around the world in the automation industry with drivers, components, development tools, and HMI/SCADA add-ins/enhancements. OmniServer is one of the many reliable probucts offered by Software Toolbox.

OmniServer is a fully configurable MS Windows based I/O server capable of sharing data from any hardware device with external data acquisition clients, databases, or HMIs. Once configured for the XML1000, OmniServer takes care of all the polling and data parsing, providing the most simplified means of presenting data from the XML1000 to the outside world. So whether you need to use OPC, DDE, Suitelink, ODBC, or other data exchange interface, OmniServer can provide you a means to establish seamless and quick connectivity.

OmniServer Screen ShotWill the XML1000 work with your SCADA application?
If your application is capable of using OPC, DDE, Suitelink, ODBC, or other data exchange interfaces, you can use the XML1000. Examples of applications that can now utilitze the XML1000 include:
    • AutoSol
    • Cimplicity
    • Citect
    • Cyberlogic
    • FactoryLink
    • Iconics Genesis32
    • iFix
    • InduSoft
    • Matrikon
    • OSIsoft
    • Plant View
    • Power Measurement
    • RSView
    • WinCC
    • Wonderware

For more informaton on how you can take advantage of the XML1000, or just basic info on the benefits of using XML to collect data, contact our support team at

COM1000 Now Supports Access Card Readers
Award winning M2M enabler provides new physical security application for both fixed and mobile installations.

COM1000 - ProxcardWith rising interest in the use of access card solutions for mobile and remote aplications, we've decided to offer a version of the COM1000 with support for WEIGAND based access control readers.

Whether you're a fleet manager looking to manage the use of mobile assets, or a SCADA operations engineer wanting to restrict acess to a remote site or enclosure, the COM1000 can provide the unique, low-cost physical security solution you need.

Sample Card Reader Products You Can Connect to the COM1000

HID Proximity Card ReaderHID Proximity Card ReaderProximity Card KeyfobHID Proximity Card Pass

Benefits of Using Proximity Cards for Site and Vehicle Access Control
Whether you are installing a new remote or mobile asset control system or are looking to secure an existing one, installing a standardized card access control interface provides a number of tangible benefits:

    • Limits control of access to premise or vehicle
    • Secures premise/vehicle from intrusion
    • Provides user access identification
    • Provides record of control
    • Creates time and attendance record
    • Extends existing access control technology to include remote and mobile assets
    • Improves accountability for cleanliness and maintenance
    • Eliminates potential for duplicate keys
    • Helps meet government security mandates

For more informaton on how the COM1000 can be used with security cards, contact our support team at

MOTIENT and SCT Partner to Enable M2M Solutions
Customers find easier deployment of SCT hardware on Motient network

MotientMotient Communications is a Data MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Unlike other MVNO’s, Motient focuses exclusively on wireless data. With over 15 years of unparalleled wireless data experience, Motient can provide secure network access to multiple carriers, with the lowest kilobyte usage plans in the industry. They can also custom engineer a complete, end-to-end nationwide solution to meet the wireless data needs of any size firm, utilizing any wireless data application.

The iMotient Solutions Platform provides virtually ubiquitous coverage utilizing one or more of the following wireless networks through a single, secure connection.
    • Cingular (GPRS/EDGE)
    • Sprint (CDMA/1xRTT/EVDO)
    • ORBCOMM (Satellite)

                     iMotient Network Coverage Map
Motient Coverage Map

iMotient Solutions is a meticulously engineered end-to-end suite of products and services that integrates all aspects of wireless data networks, devices, and applications.
    • No long-term commitment – 30 day contract option
    • Large variety of rate plans
     – Starting at 35KB/month
     – Pooling available
     – SMS Options
     – Peak / Off-Peak Plans
     – Device Activations and Management
    • One number to call for customer and Technical Support needs
    • Static IP and other Flexible IP addressing options
    • Software options that enhance applications and device performance
    • Customer Billing and Data Usage Reports by Device and Network
    • Wireless Data Experts to help you develop and implement the wireless data solution
    • Technical assistance to allow easy migrations from Mobitex (Velocita) Network to iMotient Solutions’ 3G networks.
    • Motient specializes in Connectivity for Data Applications that extend beyond the typical Machine-to-Machine (M2M) environment.
    • Applications including:
     – Asset Tracking
     – Data Collection
     – Fleet Management
     – Remote Monitoring
     – Package Tracking
     – Remote Diagnostics
     – Remote Sensing and Control
     – Security
     – Telemetry
     – Vehicle Tracking
     – Point of Sale / ATM

Let Motient turn YOUR wireless data into a strategic asset.
Call today to learn how you can benefit from utilizing iMotient Solutions.

Tom Mooney
National Sales Manager

FREE Test Tools available online
Software titles popular amongst thousands of M2M practitioners.

As part of our continuing effort to help simplify M2M deployments, we offer several FREE communications test tools.

Software titles such include:

    • COM Inspector -   Tool to test device COM port configurations

    • UDP Test Tool -   Send and receive UDP packets over LAN or WAN

    • TCP Test Tool -   Initiate or receive TCP sessions over LAN or WAN

    • SMTP Test Tool -   Test connectivity and login to SMTP servers

The tools are available to help you in your development and troubleshooting efforts.
Visit our website for more infomation on these applications as well as our other software and hardware solutions.

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