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Send Serial Data Streams to any Email Address...
SerialStream-SMTP is a software solution that provides email transport of serial data streams. Designed to detect serial activity on any RS-232 port of a Microsoft Windows PC, SerialStream-SMTP can send any type of ASCII, HEX, or BINARY serial data stream to any pre-defined Internet email address, cellphone, or pager.

SerialStream-SMTP is perfect for numerous applications, including:
  • SMTP broadcast of serial device alarm messages
  • Sending serial data logger status
  • Transporting serial data where a host data collection system is unavailable
How SerialStream-SMTP works
Install SerialStream-SMTP on the PC or server. Connect the serial data device (RTU, PLC, etc) using an RS232 cable. Now set SerialStream-SMTP to listen for data on that COM port, and configure the email recipients, and you're done. You can now have the serial data sent to your desktop email, as well as your cellphone, or pager

Who uses SerialStream-SMTP?
SerialStream-SMTP provides SMTPtransort of serial data streams for many applications. Some of those in need of this type of application include:

  • SCADA/Telemetry Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Telecom Engineers
  • Wireless Integrators
  • Alarm Companies
  • Security Companies
  • Water and Sewer Utilities
  • Electric and Gas Utilities

Click here to DOWNLOAD a trial of SerialStream-SMTP. 

It's completely FREE!

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