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Capture Contact Closures - Send Alerts via Email...
Serial Switch-SMTP is a combined hardware and software solution designed to detect a change in the state of a switch or relay wired to an RS-232 port of a Microsoft Windows PC, and then send a pre-defined email alert message to any Internet email address.

Serial Switch-SMTP is perfect for anyone who needs information on changes in the state of a switch (contact closure) sent directly to support personnel via email, cellphone, or pager. This makes Serial Switch-SMTP applicable in wide number of areas, including security/access control applications, intelligent vending, robotics, data acquisition, Telemetry, or other similar solutions.

Serial Switch-SMTP makes the notification of events a ‘low-key’ event. No sirens, no bells, and no phone modem dialing. The notification is silent and direct to your email inbox. THat makes Serial Switch-SMTP perfect for managers who need the oversight, but don’t want to ask everyone involved in the alarm process to keep them up to speed. Now all they have to do is check their own personal email and they know exactly when and where events took place.

How SerialStream-SMTP works
Connect the DS-232 hardware interface to any PC or server on your LAN or remote machine on a Wireless IP network (CDPD, CDMA, GPRS, etc). Connect the switch you want to monitor to the hardware, set up your email recipient list, and you're done! 

Other switches you can use...

Who uses SerialSwitch-SMTP?
Serial Switch-SMTP can provide email notification for almost any type of application, and be installed in any location:

  • Office Environments
  • Manufacturing Lines
  • Retail Locations
  • Construction Sites
  • Access Control
  • ATM or Vending Kiosks

Click here to DOWNLOAD a trial of SerialSwitch-SMTP. 

It's completely FREE!

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