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Test UDP data transfers with one simple utility...
UDP Test Tool is a great way to test your UDP application, firewall, or network connectivity. With hundreds of

How UDP Test Tool
When used as a packet initiator, UDP Test Tool can send packets to any pre-defined LAN or Internet IP address on any predefined port UDP port both as a single packet or using an automatic timer. As a capture tool, it lets you to bind to a specific UDP port, capture any incoming packets and display them in ASCII, HEX, or BINARY formats.

By providing a more ‘interesting’ traffic payload than ‘PING’, UDP Test Tool is a much better tool for testing and troubleshooting. It also let’s you control the presentation and display of messages received, including adding Date and Time stamps to each message received. This feature let’s you automatically trap traffic for later review. It even has an audible alert to let you know when data has been sent or when it has arrived!

Who uses the UDP Test Tool?
UDP Test Tool is great for technology professionals who need to test inter-network connectivity or firewall performance. That includes:

  • Network Administrators

  • Network technicians

  • Technical Support Staff

  • SCADA/Telemetry Engineers

  • Wireless Developers

  • Wireless Systems Integrators

  • Telecom Engineers

  • Application Developers

Click here to DOWNLOAD the UDP Test Tool. 

It's completely FREE!

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