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Scenario 1:        “Software Tunneling”

Virtual COM-UDPTM is a great fit when in these situations:

  • 2 PC’s need legacy serial based software linked from one to the other over an IP network.

  • Creating a “TCP socket” between them seems to creates issues that are hard to manage.

  • UDP is a better solution, but the software cannot be re-written.

Scenario 2:              “Remote Serial Device Connection”

A PC’s legacy serial based software normally receives data device on a local serial COM port from an externally connected device such as a bar-code reader, or handheld GPS. The software resides on a machine that cannot be moved, yet the serial data instrument (BC Reader, GPS handheld, etc) needs to be relocated to a remote or wireless environment.

The device and software have their own communication s protocol, and do not need a full-blown TCP connection in order to communicate. A simple protocol such as UDP is desired. With a serial data modem setup for UDP packet data mode, you can now send data to the host PC software, enabling the virtual connection of the device and software. Perfect solution.

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